Construction FAQ

Middle Plaza building

Construction FAQ

Project Details

Where is this project located?

This project site is in Menlo Park along the east side of El Camino Real, roughly between Middle Avenue to the north and Cambridge Avenue to the south.

What components make up the project?

The project will consist of:

  • 215 one- and two-bedroom residential units for rent, with preference given to Stanford faculty, employees and affiliates
  • Approximately 145,000 sqft of commercial office space
  • Approximately 10,000 sqft of retail space
  • A publicly accessible plaza at Middle Avenue
  • $1.5 million endowment fund to the Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation

What will be the architecture style of the residential portion of the project?

The residential architecture is inspired by a traditional California craftsman design. The architectural design, structured by refined detail finishes and community amenities, will provide a new style of apartment living in Menlo Park. The residences are a contemporary interpretation of a design that reflects handcrafted details, possesses a distinct individuality, is constructed of high quality materials, and created with a careful attention to detail. The richness of materials, colors, and details are critical to the successful execution of this architectural style. From the front porches and overlooking verandas, to the graceful terracing of the building, to the public plazas and gardens, the residences are designed to be a welcoming and unique place for both its residents and the Menlo Park community.

Leasing Information

How do I sign up for a waitlist and see if I’m eligible?

You may check eligibility guidelines here. You may request to be added to our waiting list by contacting us at

When will you begin accepting applications for residential units?

Waiting list applicants will be contacted when a unit is available.

Who can I contact with leasing questions?

For leasing questions, you can reach us at

Project Background

Is this project subject to Stanford’s General Use Permit?

No, the Stanford University General Use Permit only applies to Stanford lands within unincorporated Santa Clara County.

Does the project include the Middle Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Rail Crossing Project?

No, the Middle Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Rail Crossing Project is adjacent to Middle Plaza and is under the jurisdiction of the City of Menlo Park. Stanford is providing access to the future crossing across its property through the community plaza at Middle Avenue. Stanford will also be contributing $5 million towards the development of the crossing, and supports the City’s efforts to secure the remaining funding through grants.

Check out additional details about the City’s project here.

Project Amenities

What amenities will be available for the residents?

The amenity spaces within the residential portion of the project will include:

  • A state-of-the art fitness center, swimming pool and spa, which will offer health and wellness benefits to residents
  • A library/business center with high speed Wi-Fi and remote conference technology, and outdoor workspaces, which will allow residents to work remotely or take advantage of flexible work hours
  • The residential area will be designed as part of the project’s overall Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program to reduce single-occupancy drivers during peak morning and evening commute times
  • Do-it-yourself bicycle repair stands will offer an air pump and basic tools for bicycle commuters and residents
  • A community workshop area will provide residents space to work on hobbies and projects
  • Outdoor cooking and dining facilities for community gatherings

Who can use the plaza?

The plaza is designed to be a publicly accessible space which will be owned and maintained by Stanford.

The plaza, outlined in the Menlo Park El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan, will provide opportunities for passive and community-centered outdoor activities.

  • Passive activities may include, but are not limited to: public seating, an interactive fountain, game areas, and retail carts and sales areas authorized by Stanford
  • Community-centered activities may include, but are not limited to: art, music, dance, drama, comedy, pet, and bike safety events and shows; seasonal festivities/holiday celebrations; community workshops; and fitness activities

How big will the plaza be?

The plaza is approximately one-half acre in size and will provide open space with seating, drought tolerant landscaping and a vital connection from the El Camino Real & Middle Avenue intersection to the City’s planned grade-separated crossing at the Caltrain railroad tracks. The plaza at Middle Avenue provides additional open space to both the community and occupants of the development.

Schedule and Work Hours

When will construction be completed?

At this point in time, due to unexpected delay in construction, we don't know the exact date it will be done. However, we expect it to be some time after the new year.

What are the construction hours for this project?

Construction hours are compliant with the City of Menlo Park’s Construction Policy. There may be instances when evening or weekend work is required. Activities will be approved by the City and advance notice will be provided to the public.

Construction Impacts and Mitigations

How do construction activities impact traffic?

How do construction activities impact traffic?
Most construction is restricted to our project site. However, periodic lane impacts on El Camino Real are necessary for underground utilities relocation and upgrades. Any night or weekend work required to keep El Camino Real open during peak traffic periods is done with prior approval by the City of Menlo Park and other agencies like Caltrans.

How do construction activities impact parking?

Parking on the east side of El Camino Real along our project frontage is fenced off and not available. This is to permit utility improvements located under the road as well as to allow for the construction of new curbs, gutters and sidewalks along the project’s frontage.

How is construction dust and noise being managed?

The project is in compliance with all construction noise and dust mitigations required and approved by the City of Menlo Park.