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Middle Plaza building

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Middle Plaza is a 215 rental housing unit located on 400 El Camino Real, including approximately 145,000 sqft of commercial offices, 10,000 sqft of retail space, and a half-acre publicly accessible plaza designed to fit with the character of the surrounding community.

Middle Plaza provides its residents with easy access to nearby transit options, underground parking, and bicycle and pedestrian pathways, creating a vibrant new atmosphere for Menlo Park's retail districts, jobs, and schools in the community and beyond.

Rental housing units are available by lease to fully eligible Stanford Faculty and Staff. Please see the priority ranking and eligibility guidelines below:

Rental Eligibility Priorities*

* Qualifying Employment: must be employed at least 30 hours per week (75% FTE) at or above the minimum wage during the entire lease term. Lease term cannot exceed duration of Qualifying Employment. Currently your eligibility priority must fall within categories 1a thru 2b.

1st Priority

  • Tenure and Non-Tenure Line (includes SLAC and VA)  
  • Senior Fellow Members of Academic Council at Special Policy Centers and Institutes 
  • Senior Fellows at the Hoover Institution  
  • University Medical Line (UML) Faculty
  • Clinician Educators (includes Professor (full), Associate Professor and Assistant Professor) 
  • N11 and N99 Staff  
  • Acting and Visiting Faculty
  • Staff employed by Stanford University or SLAC (includes Retired Faculty on Recalled Duty) 
  • Clinical Instructors
  • Academic Postdocs employed by Stanford University

2nd Priority

  • Stanford Healthcare Employees, Medical Residents, and Fellows
  • Visiting Academics (includes Fellow, Researcher, Scholar, as well as visitors to the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences - CASBS)​

3rd Priority

  • Current employees or residents within the city limits of Menlo Park

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