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May 17, 2022


500 El Camino Real, Menlo Park

El Camino Real (ECR) Lane Closures

Daytime median and pavement work continues on El Camino Real. This work requires intermittent traffic lane closures with only one lane closed per direction at a time.

Northbound sidewalk reconstruction along the Middle Plaza project site will follow completion of the median work in May. The sidewalk reconstruction is expected to begin at the north end and move south along the project site through July. Lane closures will be intermittent as sidewalk work takes place.

Flaggers and signage are present to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic and ensure safety. Noise levels are monitored to ensure work is performed within necessary compliance levels.

Construction activities are limited to weekdays, 8am–4pm.

In summary, ECR work will follow this approximate construction schedule:

  • Median Work: March–May 2022
  • Sidewalk Work: June–July 2022
  • Roadway Repaving: July–August 2022

Other Offsite Impacts

  • ADA ramp work is in progress.

Office Buildings

Building 1

  • Installation of drywall and insulation.
  • Interior modifications and installation of elevators 2 and 3.
  • Wall and floor tile installations in core bathrooms.

Building 2

  • Partridge driveway curb and gutter installations have begun. Paver installation to follow.
  • Courtyard pavers installations.
  • Landscape planting and balcony planters.
  • Installation of trash enclosure louvers, greenscreen, gates and trellis.

Building 3

  • Emergency generator infrastructure and concrete pad construction at the south side.
  • Installation of trash enclosure louvers, greenscreen, gates and trellis.

Residential Buildings & Surrounding Areas

  • Cabinet, countertop and backsplash installations in Building A.
  • Painting and texturing of Building A and B amenity spaces.
  • Flooring, shelving and cabinet installations in Building C amenity spaces.
  • Ongoing inspections and electrical installations for Buildings A, B and C.
  • Pool equipment, deck paver and delineation fence installations.
  • Brick veneer, fountain and BBQ unit installations in courtyards.


  • Ongoing electrical and ADA inspections.
  • Striping for parking spaces set to begin in June.
  • Seismic bracing continues.

Stormwater Drainage System

  • Water tie-in is undergoing inspections.
  • Bioswale and onsite landscaping will follow.


Updates Archive

PLEASE NOTE:  Sitewide work restarted under appropriate COVID-19 protocols for construction projects, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health officials. Our commitment to the community continues, as we collect community feedback, share information, and mitigate as many impacts as possible to ensure the safety of construction workers and community members.

General Construction Information

Construction site access is via El Camino Real at Cambridge Avenue, Middle Avenue and Partridge Avenue.

Roadway flaggers will be on duty as needed to direct trucks and equipment entering and leaving the construction site.

There is noise and dust associated with construction operations. Noise is mitigated as much as possible; however, intermittent noise disruptions can occur. Construction requirements will be met per code. Dust control operations, via water spray, coincide with these operations.

Construction Hours

Construction hours are compliant with the City of Menlo Park’s Construction Policy.

Please note that there may be instances where Project construction activities take place during the evening and/or weekends when deemed necessary to reduce construction impacts on traffic along El Camino Real. This will be done with the required necessary approval from the City of Menlo Park.